a short tale.

A canterbury tale of me by ali

My name is nina, I smell really bad

I have no friends, it is really quite sad.

The only friend I have is my dear pup

Showers? Psh…my motto’s just give em up!

I have the sweetest dance moves you will see

I have a sister whose pants she does pee.

My favorite past time activity is

Going to bball games! What fun, gee wiz!

Don’t give me bean dip or you will regret

Oops, oh no why are my underpants wet?

When I am angry, watch out and beware

If it is really bad, my mouth will swear

Possibly things might be thrown in the air

Oh poor Maura there goes theo the bear!

If you make fun of my movies I’ll yell

Danielle Greening experienced this hell

Maura and Al were there to see it all

For them witnessing it was quite a ball!

Children, earmuffs with what I will say next

I have a condition that is complex

I take off my pants when I fall asleep

But that is not just what makes me a creep

You see when I sleep I am not alone

Her best friend is there to her unbeknown

That when Nin fell asleep with her pants on

When Ali woke up her pants were now gone!

But don’t worry all I am good looking

On the corner, I could take up hooking

If you didn’t know this just ask me I’ll say

My body’s attractive when on display

Strange men often ask me for my digits

It must be the vibes that I do emit.

My spellings real good and I make up words

“Are you trying to suduct me?” is heard

But the truth is we are, just don’t tell nin

Her ego is big enough it would seem

But I love her the same, she’s my best friend

If I don’t stop now this will never end.

this is for maura:

ohhhh yeaaahh.

antonina grace


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